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Here’s Why the Dow Jones Failed to Rally on Trump’s Afternoon Surprise

The Dow Jones lurched toward a disappointing session on Friday. Fauci’s call to reopen the U.S. economy in a safe way failed to rally Wall Street. Trump’s surprise press conference turned out to be an utter non-event for the stock market. The Dow Jones dealt bulls a discouraging hand on Friday, and not just because a surprise press conference from President Donald Trump turned out to be a complete dud. Neither Dr. Anthony Fauci’s call to reopen the U.S. economy nor Defense Secretary Mark Esper’s vaccine praise managed to spark…

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Billionaire Investors Aren’t the Only Ones Predicting a Stock Market Crash

Billionaire investors have warned that the stock market is overvalued. A majority of investors believe the next big market move will be down. A second wave of coronavirus cases and stock overvaluation could cause a market crash. A few days ago, billionaire investors warned that the U.S. stock market could crash as stocks are overvalued. Hedge fund manager Stanley Druckenmiller said that risk-reward for equity is the worst he has seen in his career. Markets appear too high with regard to uncertainty and likely bankruptcies looming on the horizon. Druckenmiller…

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