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Here’s 3 Reasons Why We’re Seeing Apple’s $2 Trillion Stock Rally

The Apple stock price surpassed $409 in after-hours trading after record revenues in the tablet and services markets. The firm’s strong presence in China and newfound demand for the Mac strengthens the company’s position for further growth. The company has successfully diversified out of the slowing smartphone market, targeting services and wearables. Apple  (NASDAQ:AAPL) saw record-high iPad and services revenues in China, recording a revenue of $9.33 billion in Q3. Strategists expected the tech giant to hit a market capitalization of $2 trillion even before the earnings report. The new…

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Apple Burns Naysayers as It Beats Down EU and Nails Lockdown

Apple’s major tax win means nothing stands in its way. Investors betting against the company’s shares have been officially burned. Bank of America raises its target price as investors begin using the stock as an investment tool. Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) has won again–in more ways than one. The tech giant has pushed aside one of the world’s most aggressive competition chiefs after winning its €13 billion tax battle. Its victory comes just after the stock hit an all-time high. Apple’s stock hit an all-time high just a day before its tax…

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Warren Buffett’s Tech Stock Phobia Is Making His Billionaire Ranking Crater

Warren Buffett’s billionaire ranking is under threat from tech billionaires. Ex-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is the latest to eclipse Buffett in net worth. Berkshire Hathaway is underperforming the broader stock market, a repeat of last year. Not that long ago, Warren Buffett regularly ranked among the world’s top three billionaires. But that’s changed, and the Oracle of Omaha is quietly – but steadily – sliding down the rich list. Currently, only five people on earth are wealthier than Warren Buffett. But forget becoming the world’s richest person. At his current…

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This Industry Could Propel Apple to Become First $2 Trillion Company in History

Apple is targeting the healthcare sector as it gets closer to a $2 trillion valuation. The Apple Watch, along with three other vital services, swayed the company to healthcare. The company’s dominance in the wearables industry is further fueling its presence in the industry. Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is on track to become the first $2 trillion company in history, Wedbush analyst Dan Ives said in January. A large part of the strategy to fuel future growth seems to be the healthcare sector. The tech giant made strides in the wearable sector…

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Wall Street’s iPhone 12 5G Buzz Has Citi Calling a $400 Apple Share

Citi raised Apple share price target to $400, due mostly to the upcoming 5G iPhone 12 release. Apple had been pegged for $400 before the impending iPhone 12, but that was also before the pandemic. Economic reopenings, the new iPhone, and diminished competition from Huawei have Apple’s price target. It’s one of the most prominent calls on Wall Street today. Citi has raised its price targets for Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) from $310 per share to $400 due to Apple’s soon-to-be-announced 5G iPhone 12. Citi expects Apple to host a press event…

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Dow Tumbles with Boeing But Apple Vaults Nasdaq to Record High

The Dow Jones fell 200 points on Tuesday. Even a massive rally in Apple couldn’t keep the Dow in the green, though the Nasdaq did jump to a new record. A bubbly looking stock market has completely detached from the fundamentals, but Nordea Asset Management believes there could be more upside ahead. It could have been a rough day for the Dow Jones, but a substantial rally in Apple kept the stock market bellwether from a suffering significant loss – and helped launch the Nasdaq to a new all-time high….

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Trump & Kevin Hassett Put Money Over Humanity – Just Like Most of Us

#HumanCapitalStock was trending on Twitter today after Kevin Hassett’s comments. Twitter users were up in arms over the fact that politicians are valuing the economy over human life. They ignore the fact that American consumers have been doing it for years. White House adviser Kevin Hassett is in the news today for placing the economy over humanity. It’s a disturbing trend among Donald Trump and his cohorts during the pandemic. Swaths of the population are outraged by the thought of placing money and the economy above human life. Or so…

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It’s Time to Go Green With Your Investments

Every year on April 22, we celebrate Earth Day, the world’s most significant environmental movement. Besides recycling, you can go green by investing more responsibly. Sustainable investing is an easy way to have a positive impact on the world. Everywhere in the world, we celebrate Earth Day on April 22 to show our support for environmental protection. A lot has changed since the first Earth Day 50 years ago. Earth Day is a good time to wonder what we can do concretely to make the world a better place. Go…

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Dow Futures Plummet as Coronavirus Forces Shock Apple Announcement

Apple surprised stock market investors on Monday as it lowered its revenue guidance amid the coronavirus crisis. Dow futures fell after the note was released, as investors brace for more downgrades from other U.S. companies with exposure to China. A new report from the Chinese CDC claims several worrying facts about the epidemic. Dow futures dropped more than 100 points on Monday. The downturn happened after Apple noted that it would not be able to hit its revenue guidance due to the impact of the coronavirus. The move lower came…

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This Key Metric Will Make Warren Buffett Think Twice About Selling More Apple Shares

Apple beat estimates in Q1 2020, recording higher-than-expected iPhone sales. Active installed devices is the key metric that should compel investors like Warren Buffett to hold on to Apple stock. Buffett’s stake in Apple has already doubled. Warren Buffett’s investment in Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is turning out to be one for the record books. In under half a decade, the value of the investment has more than doubled. The stake that was acquired at a price of about $36 billion is now worth around $73 billion. Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE:BRK.A) is now…

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