Business Exxon oil Op-ed 

Here’s Why Exxon Should Slash Its Giant Dividend

Investors love energy stocks because of their large, reliable dividends–but it’s a new day. Exxon is losing boatloads of money because of historically low oil prices in the second quarter, and it’s time for investors to tighten their belts. The oil and gas industry needs to slash its excessively large dividend payments instead of brutally laying off workers during the pandemic. ExxonMobil (NYSE:XOM) reported second-quarter earnings on July 31, and the results were a disaster. The oil giant posted a revenue decline of 53% to $36.2 billion and a $1.1…

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Business facebook Op-ed 

Facebook Earnings Prove the Ad Boycott Was a Total Joke

Facebook beat on earnings, revenues, and even saw a rise in profit margins. The company expects at least 10% revenue growth in the back half of 2020. The ad boycott against the company already shows signs of failure. Shares of Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) are helping lift tech stocks today. The company beat on earnings and revenue when it reported after the bell on Thursday, showing that an ad boycott that started at the end of last quarter isn’t likely to have a dire impact on the bottom line. If anything,…

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Bernstein Business Tesla 

Analyst: Tesla Stock Could Crash 40%

Bernstein downgraded Tesla’s stock to underperform. The Wall Street firm maintains a price target on the stock that implies a reckoning is coming. The analyst still warns investors that shorting TSLA is as dangerous as stepping in front of a freight train. Even after careening from its all-time highs, Tesla stock (NASDAQ: TSLA) is still up more than 250% in 2020. Bernstein analyst Toni Sacconaghi isn’t buying into the bullish narrative. The tech stock guru downgraded the electric carmaker’s stock from market perform to underperform. TSLA traded below $250 a…

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amazon Business Jeff Bezos 

Jeff Bezos Is Worth $179 Billion

Amazon has leaped from strength to strength during the pandemic. Four analysts recently raised their AMZN stock price targets – two as high as $3,600. This means Jeff Bezos could be worth $210 billion within 12 months, though threats remain. Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is already the richest person on planet Earth. Four recent AMZN stock price target hikes suggest he’s about to get a whole lot wealthier. Wells Fargo: Amazon Stock Will Surge to $3,600 in 2021 Wall Street analysts have been raising their Amazon…

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Business china Elon Musk Tesla 

Pretending to Own a Tesla Just Got a Whole Lot Cheaper in China

It just got 95% cheaper to “reserve” a Tesla vehicle in China. The electric carmaker already cut prices on its Chinese-made Model 3 to qualify for government subsidies. Demand for Tesla’s cars may not be as strong as previously thought, according to one analyst. It’s just become a whole lot easier to pretend like you own a Tesla. If you live in China, that is. The electric carmaker slashed the reservation fee for its sedans and SUVs in China by a staggering 95%. New buyers must only pay a 1,000…

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apple Business european union Op-ed 

Apple Burns Naysayers as It Beats Down EU and Nails Lockdown

Apple’s major tax win means nothing stands in its way. Investors betting against the company’s shares have been officially burned. Bank of America raises its target price as investors begin using the stock as an investment tool. Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) has won again–in more ways than one. The tech giant has pushed aside one of the world’s most aggressive competition chiefs after winning its €13 billion tax battle. Its victory comes just after the stock hit an all-time high. Apple’s stock hit an all-time high just a day before its tax…

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Business Elon Musk Op-ed Tesla 

Elon Musk’s $595 Million Payday Perfectly Encapsulates Today’s Insane Market

Thanks to stock options, Elon Musk took home nearly $600 million in pay last year. That’s more than four times as much as the second-highest-paid CEO. The record-breaking pay comes as he continues bizarre and controversial public statements. Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) CEO Elon Musk topped the list of Wall Street pay for 2019. In total, he took home a whopping $595.3 million. Tech Blows Value Out of the Water on Performance and Pay Musk’s colossal payday, which was entirely in the form of stock options and the advancing price of Tesla…

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Business Carnival Cruise Op-ed 

This Is Why Carnvial Cruise Is Drifting Dangerously Close to Bankruptcy

Carnival Cruise has pushed back its restart date as the pandemic intensifies. The company’s debt load and cash burn are spiraling out of control. Bankruptcy is on the table for this embattled cruise operator. Shareholders could get wiped out. Carnival Corporation (NYSE: CCL) could be on the road to bankruptcy. This week, the company revealed that it is pushing back the sailing date on its newest ship, the Mardi Gras, until February 6 – four months later than planned. This pandemic-related delay follows an earlier announcement suspending the resumption of…

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Business Doge dogecoin Op-ed 

LOL-Crypto Dogecoin Joins 2020’s Insane FOMO Bandwagon

Dogecoin has risen by 108% in just over two days, after a viral TikTok challenge urged people to buy the cryptocurrency. Its volume has also gone through the roof, led by FOMO and speculative mania. But the pump will inevitably end in a dump, with Dogecoin being an inflationary cryptocurrency. The price of “joke” cryptocurrency Dogecoin has spiked by 108% in two days after a viral TikTok challenge encouraged users to pump its price. Trading volumes for the semi-popular fork of Bitcoin spiked by almost 700% as a result. Dogecoin…

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Bill Ackman Business Donald Trump Harvard Op-ed 

Why Trump’s Reopening Won’t Save the Economy

Trump said the economy was taking off like a rocket ship. But the rich are still spending much less than they did before the pandemic, which is destroying jobs. Americans likely won’t feel safe again until a vaccine is available. President Donald Trump decided to reopen the U.S. economy even if the pandemic wasn’t under control. While we saw an improvement in job numbers and retail sales, the economy is still damaged from the pandemic. It will take a long time to go back to normal. Trump Is Too Optimistic…

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