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Trump’s Protest Reaction Is Even Worse Than His COVID-19 Response

Donald Trump addressed the nation today, saying he’s an “ally of peaceful protestors.” Moments before his speech, Washington D.C. police fired tear gas and rubber bullets on peaceful protestors. Just like his response to COVID-19, Trump has failed miserably. In a press conference this afternoon, Donald Trump took a mandatory few moments to express his condolences to George Floyd. But that just was the sugar he used to coat the pill he was about to force down our throats. He proceeded to express his genuine remorse over how police have…

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Donald Trump Entertainment Kathy Griffin Op-ed 

You Need to Drop the Faux Kathy Griffin Outrage

Kathy Griffin tweeted that Donald Trump should “inject air.” Naturally, this comment sparked outrage on social media. But where is everyone’s outrage against the real bully in all this, Donald Trump? Kathy Griffin is back in the news. This time, the comedian is making headlines because she tweeted that Donald Trump should “inject air.” That certainly wasn’t a nice thing to say. But why doesn’t everyone — including the news media — get equally outraged over Trump’s various bullying tweets? Here’s What Kathy Griffin Really Said Before we go any…

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Donald Trump Headlines Jack Dorsey Op-ed 

Jack Dorsey Is Now Hated By the Left & Right – Making Him the Perfect Twitter CEO

Jack Dorsey is trending on his own platform, Twitter. People are criticizing him for not deleting Donald Trump tweets that they deem were conspiracies. After getting criticized for a “left-leaning bias,” Dorsey is getting hate from both sides. That means he’s doing a good job. Jack Dorsey was trending on his own app today. People were incensed that the Twitter CEO wouldn’t delete conspiracy theory tweets from Donald Trump. But Dorsey has traditionally been accused of a left-leaning bias. That, pundits claimed, was leading to censorship of conservative ideas on…

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Trump & Kevin Hassett Put Money Over Humanity – Just Like Most of Us

#HumanCapitalStock was trending on Twitter today after Kevin Hassett’s comments. Twitter users were up in arms over the fact that politicians are valuing the economy over human life. They ignore the fact that American consumers have been doing it for years. White House adviser Kevin Hassett is in the news today for placing the economy over humanity. It’s a disturbing trend among Donald Trump and his cohorts during the pandemic. Swaths of the population are outraged by the thought of placing money and the economy above human life. Or so…

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Here’s Why the Dow Jones Failed to Rally on Trump’s Afternoon Surprise

The Dow Jones lurched toward a disappointing session on Friday. Fauci’s call to reopen the U.S. economy in a safe way failed to rally Wall Street. Trump’s surprise press conference turned out to be an utter non-event for the stock market. The Dow Jones dealt bulls a discouraging hand on Friday, and not just because a surprise press conference from President Donald Trump turned out to be a complete dud. Neither Dr. Anthony Fauci’s call to reopen the U.S. economy nor Defense Secretary Mark Esper’s vaccine praise managed to spark…

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Anthony Fauci Coronavirus Donald Trump Dow Jones Market News Op-ed 

Billionaire Investors Aren’t the Only Ones Predicting a Stock Market Crash

Billionaire investors have warned that the stock market is overvalued. A majority of investors believe the next big market move will be down. A second wave of coronavirus cases and stock overvaluation could cause a market crash. A few days ago, billionaire investors warned that the U.S. stock market could crash as stocks are overvalued. Hedge fund manager Stanley Druckenmiller said that risk-reward for equity is the worst he has seen in his career. Markets appear too high with regard to uncertainty and likely bankruptcies looming on the horizon. Druckenmiller…

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Donald Trump’s Chinese Stock Snub Could Reignite the Trade War

Trump is diverting billions away from the Chinese stock market. The president axed a plan to invest federal pension funds in Chinese stocks. Beijing is sure to bristle at the snub. Could another trade war be next? President Donald Trump and the U.S. Labor Department are diverting billions of dollars away from the Chinese stock market. On Monday, the White House ordered a board charged with managing federal pension funds to end plans to invest in Chinese stocks. The move could have massive geopolitical repercussions. Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board…

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barack obama Donald Trump Op-ed Politics 

If Trump Believes in Hope, Why Is He Pushing #ObamaGate Conspiracies?

#ObamaGate was trending on Twitter on Sunday. Donald Trump amplified the frenzy by tweeting about the conspiracy. If Trump truly wants to give us hope, why would he blast Obama–on Mother’s Day of all days? Do you remember when Donald Trump was downplaying the deadliest pandemic of our lifetimes? He said he wanted to “give people hope.” If that’s his true motive, then why would he tweet about #ObamaGate today and try to tarnish the only decent president this country has had in decades? Happy Mother’s Day, from Donald Trump….

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America’s $2 Trillion Crush on Jerome Powell Will Disappear Come Payback Time

More Americans have confidence in Jerome Powell than any Federal Reserve chair since Alan Greenspan. His decisive $2 trillion stimulus packages mean more Americans think he will do the right thing than Donald Trump. But how will Americans react when Powell’s generosity ends, and the bill has to be paid? America has a soft spot for Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell. The central banker has gained popularity due to his quick actions in mitigating the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. But it’s easy to love the man whose nine emergency…

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Coronavirus Donald Trump Market News Morgan Stanley Opinion 

Optimism Is Coming Back in the Stock Market – Will it Last?

Optimism is gaining the stock market, as COVID-19 cases and deaths are declining globally. While lockdown measures appear to be working, we shouldn’t be too optimistic as a second wave of infections might occur. Stocks are trading at attractive valuations, but we should stay prudent since more downsides are likely. Global stock markets surged on Monday as investors are optimistic about slowing global growth in COVID-19 infection and death rates. Lockdowns Appear To Be Working Confirmed cases of COVID-19 worldwide reached 1.27 million over the weekend, according to John Hopkins…

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