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It’s About Time Hollywood Turns on Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres is finally getting “canceled” by Hollywood. Brad Garrett is one of the first celebrities to openly turn against the former golden child of television talk shows. Based on the looks of things, he won’t be the last. After months of a non-stop barrage of accusations against the talk show host, Hollywood is finally “canceling” Ellen DeGeneres. Brad Garrett – a stand-up comedian and professional poker player best known for his role on “Everybody Loves Raymond” – became one of the first “big-name” celebrities to speak out against her….

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Ellen DeGeneres hollywood Op-ed Showbiz 

Ellen DeGeneres Has Finally Fallen

Ellen DeGeneres is having the mother of all publicity storms – for all the wrong reasons. Ellen is the undisputed Queen of Mean following recent revelations from staff, guests, and anyone who’s dealt with her in Hollywood. As she struggles to salvage her shattered reputation, her staff is over the moon. Imagine being Ellen DeGeneres right now. You’ve gone from being a highly lauded, charitable figure to one with an unparalleled reputation for being harsh, insensitive, and even aggressive. Although rumors of Ellen’s deplorable behavior have been swirling for years,…

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Ellen DeGeneres’ Terrible 2020 Gets Worse as Divorce Rumors Resurface

Ellen DeGeneres is rumored to be getting divorced from her longtime wife, Portia de Rossi. The news comes hot on the heels of yet another expose about the “toxic work culture,” and her alleged connection to the absurd “Wayfair trafficking conspiracy.” How much worse can she get? Ellen DeGeneres is getting worse. In the wake of the truly-bizarre “Wayfair trafficking scandal,” and hot on the heels of new reports of the toxic nature of her eponymous show’s work culture, comes word that she may be divorcing her longtime wife, Portia…

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Chelsea Handler Donald Trump Ellen DeGeneres Op-ed Showbiz 

Chelsea Handler’s ‘War Crimes’ Hypocrisy Is Suspiciously Trumpian

“Comedian” Chelsea Handler said Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp was guilty of “war crimes” and belongs in prison for voiding local mask mandates. Handler didn’t even wear a mask for her late-March Ellen appearance, while cases and deaths mounted in L.A. County. Her behavior isn’t just hypocritical – it’s reminiscent of the president she loathes so fiercely. Chelsea Handler doesn’t live in Georgia – or even anywhere near it. She’s lived in a lavish Bel Air home for a decade. The television star and comedienne has a lot to say about…

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Ellen DeGeneres Op-ed Showbiz 

The ‘Cancel Ellen’ Crusade May Finally Have Hollywood’s Attention

Has Hollywood had enough of Ellen DeGeneres? There are rumors that her show may finally get canceled. You know it’s bad when a superficial industry thinks you’re too superficial for them. Ellen DeGeneres isn’t dancing much these days. After months of countless testimonials about her bad behavior, the rumor is that Hollywood has sent a clear message: Change your ways, or go somewhere else. Considering that Hollywood is an industry founded almost exclusively on manufactured images, this would be a pretty bold proclamation on their part. Ellen DeGeneres Is Too…

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Black Lives Matter Ellen DeGeneres Entertainment George Floyd Op-ed 

Ellen DeGeneres Posts Tone-Deaf Tweet, Proving She’s Really Awful

Ellen DeGeneres sent a tweet in which she refused to acknowledge black people, calling them “people of color.” Many black activists and celebrities called her out for her tone-deafness. Can we cancel Ellen already? Please? Ellen DeGeneres needs to be canceled. The talk show host, desperate to insert herself into the Black Lives Matter conversation currently dominating the headlines, sent out a tweet in which she erased the “Black Lives” part of the Black Lives Matter movement. Naturally, it didn’t take long for activists—both black and white—to call her out….

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