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Acquiring TikTok Would Be Disastrous for Microsoft. Here’s Why

Microsoft acquiring TikTok will be a mess of red tape. TikTok currently operates within the same boundaries the president is requesting from Microsoft, making it unlikely for the deal to ever be considered satisfactory. Regardless of whether Microsoft gets Tiktok, Facebook will have had enough time to crush the app with a copycat feature. This weekend, Donald Trump vowed to ban social media app TikTok over security. Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) swooped in shortly thereafter, confirming rumors that the tech giant would buy TikTok’s American, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand operations. Microsoft…

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Facebook Earnings Prove the Ad Boycott Was a Total Joke

Facebook beat on earnings, revenues, and even saw a rise in profit margins. The company expects at least 10% revenue growth in the back half of 2020. The ad boycott against the company already shows signs of failure. Shares of Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) are helping lift tech stocks today. The company beat on earnings and revenue when it reported after the bell on Thursday, showing that an ad boycott that started at the end of last quarter isn’t likely to have a dire impact on the bottom line. If anything,…

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Is TikTok Teens’ Epic Trump Rally Trolling More Sinister Than it Seems?

It looks like TikTok K-pop fans just clowned Trump good at his first 2020 campaign rally. But they used tactics that just got Russian accounts removed from Facebook last October. And their epic prank raises questions about foreign interference to help Joe Biden. Lower than expected turnout at the Tulsi rally reportedly blindsided the Trump campaign. It was the first Trump rally of 2020. The campaign thought it would fill the arena, but had to abandon plans for the president to speak to an overflow crowd. That’s because Internet trolls,…

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Did Facebook Just Leave Zoom Stock Bulls Holding an Empty Bag?

Zoom stock slid Friday after Facebook jumped into video conferencing. An announcement by Mark Zuckerberg left Zoom plunging 6%. But here’s the value Zoom offers that Facebook can’t touch. Zoom stock (NASDAQ:ZM) had a wild ride this week. The freemium video conferencing platform’s shares jumped 11% Thursday. The company announced an increase of 100 million users since Apr 1. In other words, the coronavirus lockdown sent armies of teleworkers signing up to use Zoom. It’s been one of the most sought after virus stocks since February. Zoom stock is up…

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Peter Thiel’s Stock Dump in Election Year Should Terrify Facebook Investors

An “intense year” lies ahead for Facebook as the U.S. general election looms. Early investor Peter Thiel recently dumped over 80% of his stake in the company. The early investor’s remaining stake is now worth less than $3 million. At the time of Facebook’s (NASDAQ:FB) IPO in 2012 early investor Peter Thiel owned 2.5% of the social media giant. Now he holds just 0.000004% of the company’s outstanding stock. This is after selling 53,602 FB shares last week, leaving him with a tiny stake of 9,948 shares. Early Facebook investor…

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Can an Epic Super Bowl Commercial Solve Facebook’s Image Problem?

Nothing gets a company or product more exposure than a commercial during the Super Bowl. With the game often being dull and boring, it is not unusual for the commercials to be the best part of the broadcast. Since the best commercials will gain even more value when they go viral on social media, companies will often go to extreme lengths to make sure they produce something memorable. Super Bowl commercials are a pretty big deal in the advertising world. With easily 100 million people watching the game (and hopefully…

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Facebook, Google Rake in Election Ad Spending While Twitter, Spotify Say No

Presidential candidates have already spent more than $105 million on digital ads. Facebook and Google are getting most of the dough. Spotify just joined Twitter in rejecting these election ads outright. With billionaires like Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg splashing their cash around, the airwaves have been filled with 2020 presidential election ads. The political ads have invaded cyberspace too; by mid-November, the presidential candidates had already purchased more than $100 million in online ads. But going forward, you’ll be able to find respite from the noise on Spotify (NYSE:SPOT)….

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Facebook’s David Marcus Sells Libra as a Currency, Because Bitcoin Apparently Isn’t

Facebook Libra lead David Marcus doesn’t believe bitcoin is a currency. Its volatility keeps it from becoming a currency, he explained. Bitcoin is more aking to ‘digital gold’, according to the Facebook executive. Facebook’s crypto frontman David Marcus, provided bitcoin with a backhanded compliment on Wednesday. According to the Libra lead, bitcoin is a dead ringer for digital gold, but not an appropriate currency. Speaking at the New York Times DealBook Conference, Marcus praised BTC for its investment qualities, calling it “digital gold,” but caveated that it doesn’t work as…

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Zuckerberg was Right. China ‘Fast-Tracks’ Cryptocurrency With Huawei, Tencent

The People’s Bank of China signed a partnership with Huawei, reportedly to develop blockchain technology for China’s sovereign digital currency. It comes just a week after Xi Jinping pledged that China would “take the leading position” in blockchain. Zuckerberg’s ominous warning – that China could erode America’s “financial leadership” – is slowly materializing. Last month Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared before Congress and delivered a warning to lawmakers: get behind digital currency Libra or risk losing “financial leadership” to China. It seems his ominous prediction is coming true. In the…

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Institutions Extremely Bullish on Facebook (FB) Stock After Strong Q3 Earnings Report

Facebook printed solid Q3 earnings. New formats like Stories are driving ad revenue growth. At least 12 brokerage firms are bullish on FB after seeing the Q3 earnings report. Facebook appears to be adhering to its motto to move fast and break things. The social media giant continues to perform well even in the midst of backlash, multi-billion dollar settlements, and lawsuits. Its recent earnings report shows that growth at the expense of some legal trouble can be worth it. Shares of the tech company climbed on Thursday after encouraging…

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