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Elon Musk Bought 300 Hectares for a New Gigafactory That May Be Unusable

Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin has hit a major stumbling block as activists try to block its construction. Google was once thwarted by local activists when trying to open a tech start-up incubator. Elon Musk’s claims that the Gigafactory will have a net positive environmental impact aren’t enough to assuage environmentalists’ worries. Elon Musk was on the defensive this week after his plans to open a Tesla Gigafactory in Germany were put on hold due to environmental concerns. Musk bought up a whopping 300 hectares outside of Berlin with the aim of…

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Don’t Fall Prey to These 5 Cruel Coronavirus Scams

The coronavirus outbreak continues to spread, and scammers are exploiting the crisis to defraud you. Scammers are soliciting bitcoin donations to help “fight the virus,” while investors in U.S. microcap stocks are another easy target. Don’t fall prey to any of these five scams. A good scammer never lets a crisis go to waste. Even as the death toll from the coronavirus outbreak spirals toward 1,500, fraudsters are exploiting fear, greed, and even generosity to make a quick buck. Here are five cruel ways that scammers are shamelessly using the…

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Meghan Markle’s British Vogue Cover Is Way Less Woke Than You Think

Royal fans are going wild over an edition of British Vogue with the cover guest-edited by Meghan Markle. After the edition flew off shelves, Markle celebrated with an Instagram video of herself calling the cover models to congratulate them. Meghan’s concept features 16 women who are “Forces for Change.” But she doesn’t include a single scientist, engineer, or businesswoman. Meghan Markle made the latest edition of British Vogue fly off the shelves. It’s the fastest-selling issue in the magazine’s history. Instead of Markle, the cover she guest-edited features 15 influential…

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Coronavirus Cover Up Threatens to Topple the Chinese Government

Calls for free speech have ramped up online among Chinese citizens. The death of the doctor who was silenced for sounding the alarm on coronavirus has outraged the nation. A missing citizen journalist is the latest to add fuel to the growing resistance against government censorship. The coronavirus epidemic has shown no signs of slowing over the past week, and many are starting to look more critically at Beijing’s handling of the crisis. More specifically, Chinese citizens are starting to question whether their government’s crack-down on “rumors” has put their…

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Boeing Accused of Pressuring Investigators in 2009 Air Crash Investigation

Boeing is refusing to cooperate in Dutch lawmakers’ investigation into a 2009 crash. The new inquiry accuses Boeing of putting pressure on investigators to downplay its role in the crash. The lack of transparency could have contributed to Boeing’s MAX mistakes a decade later. It looks like the pain isn’t over yet for Boeing (NYSE:BA), whose 737 MAX is still grounded after two crashes revealed a shocking disregard for safety embedded in the firm’s corporate culture. But an investigation into a 2009 Turkish Airlines crash suggests that the writing may…

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Deadly Coronavirus ‘Pandemic’ Doubles in 6 Days; 20,000 Infections Confirmed

Cases of the novel coronavirus now exceed 20,000. Chinese president Xi Jinping warns officials to follow orders and help quell the infection. Are things about to get worse? Cases of the deadly coronavirus have increased exponentially, Tuesday, as the official infection toll reaches 20,659, with total death count escalating to 427. This marks a doubling of verified infections from a reported 9,700 confirmed cases just four days ago on the 30 January. Meanwhile, the contagion continues to spread worldwide as the coronavirus claims another 200 outside of the People’s Republic….

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Bombshell Study Estimates 75,800 People are Infected With Coronavirus in Wuhan

A study published on The Lancet estimates 75,815 individuals are affected by coronavirus. The outbreak is expected to reach major cities in one to two weeks. The virus is spreading rapidly throughout Asia and has reached some parts of Europe. The Lancet, one of the most prestigious medical journals globally, released a study estimating the total number of individuals affected by coronavirus. Astonishingly, the journal says more than 75,800 people have been infected in Wuhan, China alone. Coronavirus is spreading rapidly The study’s researchers got their numbers by evaluating large…

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Coronavirus Infections Exceed 2003 SARS Outbreak; 213 Confirmed Dead

The Wuhan coronavirus has surpassed SARS in the number of confirmed cases. The disease is rapidly spreading around the world with cases confirmed in 22 countries. American lawmakers are confident that they have the disease under control. Do they? A number of Asian countries including Thailand (pictured) have seen cases of the coronavirus spread. | Source: Anthony Wallace / AFP It’s official. With 9,692 confirmed cases [nhc.gov.cn] – nearly 10,000 as of January 31, 2020 [Johns Hopkins Data] – the deadly Wuhan coronavirus has now surpassed SARS. The virus, provisionally…

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‘Why Couldn’t They Give Him a Chance?’

The mother of murdered UPS worker Frank Ordoñez is looking for answers. Ordoñez was the victim of a carjacking in Miramar, Fla. after the UPS truck he was driving was taken over by a pair of alleged armed robbers. According to reports, Ordoñez wasn’t the only one killed, as another innocent civilian was also lost their life in gunfire that erupted between the suspects and the authorities during rush hour traffic. In the midst of her grief, Ordoñez’s mother, Mrs. Luz Apolinario, in a Noticias Telemundo exclusive questioned why the…

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The Dow Could Have Its Best Week Ever

The doom and gloom that prefaced this earnings season could be clearing to reveal a rainbow of epic proportions, and some are predicting that markets could have the best week ever this week as the bulk of S&P 500 companies announce their results. Both the S&P 500 and the Dow finished last week only 1% away from record-breaking highs and if the stars align in the coming days, it could be very profitable week. Both the S&P 500 and the Dow are nearing all-time highs. | Chart: Yahoo Finance Last…

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