Ghislaine Maxwell Headlines Jeffrey Epstein Op-ed 

Ghislaine Maxwell Got Arrested – I’m Scared It’s Just Window Dressing

Ghislaine Maxwell has been arrested. According to initial reports, she’d been hiding out in New Hampshire when the FBI finally caught up to her. Does this arrest mean that Jeffrey Epstein’s associates will finally be held accountable, or is Maxwell’s arrest window dressing? Ghislaine Maxwell is going down. After seemingly skipping around all over the world, the FBI finally nabbed her in New Hampshire. She’s set to be arraigned on charges stemming from the so-called “Jeffrey Epstein scandal.” Does this mean she’s finally going to face the music? Ghislaine Maxwell…

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Coronavirus Headlines Op-ed vanilla ice 

Vanilla Ice Risks Spreading Virus Just to Remain Relevant

Vanilla Ice has agreed to perform at a concert in Texas, proving he’s so desperate for work and publicity he’s willing to spread Covid-19. The “rapper” hasn’t addressed the risks posed by his concert, preferring to focus on resuscitating his career. The concert comes at a time when Texas is now seeing over 8,000 new coronavirus cases per day. Vanilla Ice will headline a Fourth of July concert in Texas, which is battling a steep rise in virus infections. Yes, the “rapper” is so desperate for work and publicity that…

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Elon Musk Headlines Op-ed Robinhood Tesla 

A Tesla Stock Split Won’t Do Much

Tesla stock continues to surge, with shares breaking through $1,100 today. CEO Elon Musk tweeted that a stock split was worth discussing. This won’t change the company’s fundamentals, but it may pull the wool over retail investors’ eyes. Tesla stock (NASDAQ: TSLA) is up around 3% today. The Elon Musk-led carmaker is currently jockeying with Toyota (NYSE: TM) for the largest market cap in the auto industry. But TSLA shares have soared so high that they’re now over $1,100 a pop. That’s a huge barrier to entry for retail traders dazzled…

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Gilead Sciences Headlines Op-ed remdesivir 

Gilead Sciences Stock Is Rallying

At the outbreak of the pandemic, Gilead Sciences donated its remdesivir supply to the government. Now, the company has outlined the charges it will start billing for in July. Gilead stock continues to rally in 2020. Back in May, the FDA approved the emergency use of remdesivir, a drug created by Gilead Sciences (NASDAQ: GILD) to treat Ebola, for COVID-19 patients. Gilead donated its supply for the government to use. Now, it’s time to pay the piper. In July, Gilead will begin charging for the drug. How Remdesivir Works –…

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amazon Business Headlines Jeff Bezos Op-ed 

Jeff Bezos Deserves Our Praise

Amazon just announced its new NHL Seattle arena will be named Climate Pledge Arena. The arena will be the first “net-zero carbon arena” in the world. Jeff Bezos is spearheading multiple projects that could have a massive environmental impact. Stop hating him because he’s rich. Jeff Bezos is far from perfect. But he’s far from the monster that people have created in their imaginations. He’s proving it yet again with Amazon’s new Climate Pledge Arena. This arena, along with a handful of other moves, shows that Bezos is boon for…

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bill gates Headlines Jeffrey Epstein microsoft Op-ed Politics 

Bill Gates Conspiracy Theorists Might Not Be as Crazy as You Think

#ExposeBillGates was trending on Twitter on Saturday. Many believe unhinged conspiracy theorists fuel the trend. A more in-depth look at the facts makes a compelling case against the billionaire. Bill Gates is working hard to prove he’s a great guy. And yet, he can’t seem to wrestle free of the internet’s villainous conspiracies against him. He warned us about a pandemic, he dedicates enormous resources to create vaccines, and he’s an all-time philanthropist. And yet, Twitter users will still randomly get #ExposeBillGates trending, like it did on Saturday. Do they…

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Black Lives Matter George Floyd Headlines Iyanna Dior Op-ed 

The Brutal Attack on Iyanna Dior Proves ‘Black Lives Matter’ Isn’t Enough

Iyanna Dior is a black trans woman who was brutally attacked at a convenience store in Minneapolis. Minneapolis is the nexus of the latest #BlackLivesMatter protests, and where George Floyd was murdered. Dior’s attack caused activists to make clear: all Black lives must matter. Iyanna Dior had no idea that she would lead a movement. The trans black woman — a native of Minneapolis — found herself at the center of the current Black Lives Matter movement when a video of her assault went viral on social media. And while, thankfully, Dior…

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Donald Trump George Floyd Headlines Op-ed Politics 

Trump’s Protest Reaction Is Even Worse Than His COVID-19 Response

Donald Trump addressed the nation today, saying he’s an “ally of peaceful protestors.” Moments before his speech, Washington D.C. police fired tear gas and rubber bullets on peaceful protestors. Just like his response to COVID-19, Trump has failed miserably. In a press conference this afternoon, Donald Trump took a mandatory few moments to express his condolences to George Floyd. But that just was the sugar he used to coat the pill he was about to force down our throats. He proceeded to express his genuine remorse over how police have…

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Donald Trump Headlines Jack Dorsey Op-ed 

Jack Dorsey Is Now Hated By the Left & Right – Making Him the Perfect Twitter CEO

Jack Dorsey is trending on his own platform, Twitter. People are criticizing him for not deleting Donald Trump tweets that they deem were conspiracies. After getting criticized for a “left-leaning bias,” Dorsey is getting hate from both sides. That means he’s doing a good job. Jack Dorsey was trending on his own app today. People were incensed that the Twitter CEO wouldn’t delete conspiracy theory tweets from Donald Trump. But Dorsey has traditionally been accused of a left-leaning bias. That, pundits claimed, was leading to censorship of conservative ideas on…

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COVID-19 Headlines Market News Wuhan 

COVID-19 Vaccine Contenders Race Against the Clock, and Each Other

Oxford University’s coronavirus vaccine gets significant financial backing and promises possible September vaccine delivery. China and Canada teamed up on the first human testing of a vaccine, and initial results are positive. Moderna’s recent vaccination tests were small in number but sent the stock market soaring. In the race to find a COVID-19 vaccine, hope for more than one winner could emerge as early as September. The three leading contenders come from the UK, China, and the U.S. As the video below lays out, there are: Two front runners in…

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