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It’s About Time Hollywood Turns on Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres is finally getting “canceled” by Hollywood. Brad Garrett is one of the first celebrities to openly turn against the former golden child of television talk shows. Based on the looks of things, he won’t be the last. After months of a non-stop barrage of accusations against the talk show host, Hollywood is finally “canceling” Ellen DeGeneres. Brad Garrett – a stand-up comedian and professional poker player best known for his role on “Everybody Loves Raymond” – became one of the first “big-name” celebrities to speak out against her….

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Ellen DeGeneres Has Finally Fallen

Ellen DeGeneres is having the mother of all publicity storms – for all the wrong reasons. Ellen is the undisputed Queen of Mean following recent revelations from staff, guests, and anyone who’s dealt with her in Hollywood. As she struggles to salvage her shattered reputation, her staff is over the moon. Imagine being Ellen DeGeneres right now. You’ve gone from being a highly lauded, charitable figure to one with an unparalleled reputation for being harsh, insensitive, and even aggressive. Although rumors of Ellen’s deplorable behavior have been swirling for years,…

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The Karens Want to Cancel ‘RHOBH’ Star Lisa Rinna for All the Wrong Reasons

Lisa Rinna is vocal in her support of Black Lives Matter. But fans of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” have tried to get her “canceled” for it. The former actress is fighting back. Lisa Rinna is mad as hell, and she’s not going to take it anymore. The star of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” is calling out “The Karens” for trying to get her “canceled.” According to Rinna, the white women that pollute the “RHOBH” fandom don’t like her support of “Black Lives Matter.” Sadly, none of…

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There’s an Obvious Solution to Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Financial Woes

Prince Harry has dipped his toe into the speaking world already, performing for a motley crew of Wall Street Bankers. The Prince spilled his guts on his mother’s death and his mental health issues. He was reportedly paid around half a million dollars. Meghan Markle may have found a way to cash in on the speaking circuit too. It’s fairly obvious that while Meghan Markle has several career avenues she can explore in Los Angeles, Prince Harry really only has one. The speaking circuit. In a previous piece, I asked a…

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Can We Not Ruin Steins;Gate by Taking the Anime to Hollywood?

Past Hollywood adaptations of Japanese anime have not been positively received. One of the highest-rated anime in the world, Steins;Gate, is being adapted into a live-action series. This is such a blindly terrible idea that it will hopefully stop others from continuing to do it. Anime and Hollywood just don’t mix. It’s a fact. Anyone who has ever seen Dragonball Evolution can tell you that. Hell, most people who haven’t seen it can tell you that. It’s not even like the film is a product of its era. When they…

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Brad Pitt’s Ad Astra Is A Playbook for Conquering Men’s Depression

Men in Western countries are in a crisis according to many benchmarks of mental health and financial success. So Brad Pitt’s new space drama, Ad Astra, is a timely playbook for conquering depression. If you follow the sequence of actions taken by the main character, Major Roy McBride, you’ve got the game plan for tackling life’s deepest problems. Male Workforce Participation, Educational Attainment and Mental Health In Crisis There can be no doubt that there’s something fragile about today’s generation of men. Workforce participation for males in the prime of…

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