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The Stock Market Is Looking Bullish – So Why Don’t Americans Agree?

Expectations of higher stock prices fell in May, according to the Fed’s consumer expectations survey. Consumers see a mean probability of less than 50% that stock prices will be higher a year from now. Consumer sentiment about the stock market is dipping as analyst sentiment grows stronger. When the U.S. stock market started to rebound after hitting bottom on March 23, many analysts warned of another crash. On May 8, Goldman Sachs said that the S&P 500 would plunge by 18% over the next three months. But stocks kept soaring…

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Stock Market Bears Sweat Because This V-Shaped Recovery is No Myth

The U.S. stock market is nearing its record high as retail investors show no signs of pulling back. Stocks bull Edward Yardeni says a V-Shape recovery is in the works. Investors are showing more confidence in stocks as the economy reopens. The U.S. stock market is nearing its all-time high as investors dismiss stark warnings from billionaires.  “Too many people” expect a V-shape recovery, billionaire Sam Zell said last month. He was one of many billionaires who suggested the U.S. economy is permanently damaged from the pandemic. But, stock market…

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American Airlines Boeing Market News Op-ed Southwest Airlines 

3 Reasons Why Airline Stocks Are Still a Sell Despite Recovery

The major U.S. airlines have seen their stocks rise by double digits in under three weeks. Millennial investors on Robinhood now love American Airlines nearly as much as Tesla. The operating environment for carriers has improved slightly but not enough to justify an investment. A modest improvement in passenger traffic has seen the major airline stocks stage a recovery from their May lows. Since May 15, the stocks of the four largest U.S. airlines have all gone up by at least 25%. American Airlines (NASDAQ: AAL) has appreciated by around…

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The Stock Market Is Getting Hella Frothy – And It’s All Millennials’ Fault

The stock market looks as expensive as it has in two decades. With old school investors on the sidelines, Robinhood’s perceived army of “dumb money millenials” is on a buying spree. Can this possibly end well when the most popular stocks are all desperately cash-poor? With the Wall Street sharks sitting on the sidelines, Robinhood trading activity suggests that millennial investors continue to dive into a corner of the stock market where even billionaires don’t dare to swim. The waves may appear deceptively calm, but a rip current can strike…

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Donald Trump Dow Jones Market News 

The Dow Is Euphoric as Trump Boasts That the Economy’s a ‘Rocket Ship’

The Dow Jones extended its rally with a titanic surge to close the week. Unemployment numbers were vastly better than expected, catching a cautious Wall Street off guard. The stock market’s most visible cheerleader, Donald Trump, is back, and he says the U.S. economy is “a rocket ship.” The Dow Jones exploded 3.25% higher on Friday, as an extraordinary jobs report caught Wall Street off guard. The unemployment rate narrowed, shocking an already optimistic Dow, though many economists are questioning Trump’s boast that the U.S. economy is really the “rocket…

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Genius Brands Market News nasdaq Op-ed 

3 Reasons Why Nasdaq’s Black Sheep is Now Millennials’ Favorite Stock

Genius Brands was set to be delisted from the Nasdaq in August. It now has a new lease of life. On Robinhood, it is the most popular stock of the last month. Short interest in the stock has also inevitably increased. The stock of kids entertainment company Genius Brands International (NASDAQ: GNUS) is the flavor of the month on millennial trading app Robinhood. Over the past month, the number of Robinhood users holding the stock has grown from just over 26,000 to more than 110,000. Consequently, the stock has clinched…

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federal reserve Market News Op-ed S&P 500 

The Stock Market’s Greatest Rally In History Will Continue – Here’s Why

The S&P 500 continues to climb despite a bleak economic backdrop. The Federal Reserve is the engine that powers asset inflation. Expect the S&P 500 to print a new all-time high soon. Amid record unemployment, widespread civil unrest, global pandemic, and a shrinking economy, the S&P 500 is 8% off of its all-time high. The benchmark index has printed gains of 37.7% over the last 50 days, putting together the greatest 50-day rally in history. With the Federal Reserve driving this run, expect the S&P 500 to post a new…

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Boeing Dow Jones Market News 

The Dow Is Suddenly on Autopilot, and Boeing Stock Is in the Cockpit

The Dow Jones recorded another banner day, rallying close to 500 points on Wednesday. China, Europe, and the United States are all showing evidence of a V-shaped recovery. Dow giant Boeing was a significant boost to the U.S. stock market with an incredible 12% rally. Wednesday brought a third straight day of gains for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which rose around 500 points to post its best June session yet. Chinese economic data is showing strong signs of a rebound, and this has bulls hoping for a similar story…

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Market News Op-ed United States wells fargo 

The Auto-Appocolypse Could Shove the U.S. Economy off a Cliff

Wells Fargo is stepping away from independent car dealers to distance itself from risky loans. The subprime auto loan market is looking increasingly dangerous. Without a speedy post-pandemic recovery, subprime auto loans are in danger of toppling the economy. This week, Wells Fargo confirmed that auto loans could be the catalyst that sends the U.S. economy into a death spiral. The bank announced that it would not be accepting new auto loan applications from most independent dealerships. The news underscored a growing issue bubbling beneath the surface of the U.S….

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Market News Op-ed United States 

The Housing Market’s 9-Year Winning Streak Is Finally Coming to an End

U.S. home prices extended their nine-year winning streak in April, rising 5.4% over previous-year levels. That streak is about to come to an end. CoreLogic analysts predict this key metric of housing market strength will fall 1.3% over the next 12 months. With millions of people likely to remain unemployed for months to come, house prices could remain depressed for years. For nearly a decade, U.S. home prices have clung, unwaveringly, to an upward trajectory. But according to the latest CoreLogic Home Price Index Report, this key gauge of housing…

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