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Trump’s Protest Reaction Is Even Worse Than His COVID-19 Response

Donald Trump addressed the nation today, saying he’s an “ally of peaceful protestors.” Moments before his speech, Washington D.C. police fired tear gas and rubber bullets on peaceful protestors. Just like his response to COVID-19, Trump has failed miserably. In a press conference this afternoon, Donald Trump took a mandatory few moments to express his condolences to George Floyd. But that just was the sugar he used to coat the pill he was about to force down our throats. He proceeded to express his genuine remorse over how police have…

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Trump & Kevin Hassett Put Money Over Humanity – Just Like Most of Us

#HumanCapitalStock was trending on Twitter today after Kevin Hassett’s comments. Twitter users were up in arms over the fact that politicians are valuing the economy over human life. They ignore the fact that American consumers have been doing it for years. White House adviser Kevin Hassett is in the news today for placing the economy over humanity. It’s a disturbing trend among Donald Trump and his cohorts during the pandemic. Swaths of the population are outraged by the thought of placing money and the economy above human life. Or so…

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Donald Trump’s Chinese Stock Snub Could Reignite the Trade War

Trump is diverting billions away from the Chinese stock market. The president axed a plan to invest federal pension funds in Chinese stocks. Beijing is sure to bristle at the snub. Could another trade war be next? President Donald Trump and the U.S. Labor Department are diverting billions of dollars away from the Chinese stock market. On Monday, the White House ordered a board charged with managing federal pension funds to end plans to invest in Chinese stocks. The move could have massive geopolitical repercussions. Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board…

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If Trump Believes in Hope, Why Is He Pushing #ObamaGate Conspiracies?

#ObamaGate was trending on Twitter on Sunday. Donald Trump amplified the frenzy by tweeting about the conspiracy. If Trump truly wants to give us hope, why would he blast Obama–on Mother’s Day of all days? Do you remember when Donald Trump was downplaying the deadliest pandemic of our lifetimes? He said he wanted to “give people hope.” If that’s his true motive, then why would he tweet about #ObamaGate today and try to tarnish the only decent president this country has had in decades? Happy Mother’s Day, from Donald Trump….

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Alyssa Milano’s #MeToo Double Standard for Joe Biden Is Hilarious

Alyssa Milano is twisting herself into pretzels this week. Her support for Joe Biden doesn’t fit her #MeToo activism. Fellow actress Rose McGowan called her “a fraud” on Twitter. Actress Alyssa Milano has never been more entertaining than she is carrying the water for Joe Biden in 2020. The “Charmed” and “Who’s The Boss?” star is trapped between the #MeToo movement she started and unquestioning partisan loyalty to the very old, very white, very male politician that Democrats are about to nominate for president. And it’s hilarious. Alyssa Milano’s blatant…

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Joe Rogan Just Put the Final Nail in Biden’s Coffin

Joe Rogan confirmed Biden’s biggest fear: Bernie Sanders supporters aren’t going to back him. Rogan’s wide reach is a powerful platform for Trump. Joe Biden’s lackluster support means many people are likely to avoid voting all together. The most popular podcaster on the planet just endorsed Donald Trump. Joe Rogan, who previously backed Bernie Sanders, said Friday he’d vote for Trump over likely Democrat candidate Joe Biden. While polls still show Biden as the favorite to win, Rogan’s support has all-but ended Joe Biden’s bid for the White House: I…

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Face Masks Are Useless Against America’s Biggest COVID-19 Threat

The United States’ face mask dilemma is becoming outrageous. The CDC just contradicted earlier guidance by recommending all Americans wear face masks. Other countries are upset with the U.S. for outbidding them and halting deliveries of gear. While the U.S. may secure more face masks than other countries, we’re still overexposed to our careless leaders. The face mask saga in the United States is reaching absurd proportions. The U.S. is accused of blocking face mask exports to other countries. States are receiving face masks from the national stockpile that are…

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Trump’s New York Quarantine Could Quickly Turn Into Chaos

President Trump has said he is considering a “short-term quarantine” on areas walloped by the coronavirus. Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York would be the areas affected. New Yorkers haven’t always responded well to authority, will this time be any different? Earlier today, President Trump claimed he was considering a short-term quarantine of New York. New York, New Jersey, and parts of Connecticut could be quarantined as well. As coronavirus cases continue to rise in those areas, Trump said he’d “rather not do it, but we may need it.” Source:…

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The Anti-Trump Media Is Less Relevant Than Ever After Coronavirus

In an ideal society the media would play a crucial role disseminating vital information during a crisis like coronavirus. But the end of objective journalism has made that impossible. Years of transparently biased, anti-Trump coverage has become dangerous. Yet the spin doctors of journalism still can’t help but twist coronavirus reporting into campaign propaganda with an eye on November. The most widely-circulated ostensibly reputable news outlets in the U.S. suggest COVID-19 is the worst threat since the Civil War. The Washington Post issued dire warnings that coronavirus could infect a…

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Does Anyone Still Believe the Federal Reserve Runs Independently?

The Federal Reserve slashed interest rates half a percent Tuesday. But President Trump immediately tweeted it wasn’t enough. The Fed announced the rate cut after aggressive prodding by the president. While the Fed is independent from politics in theory, it hardly looks that way. That’s because it hasn’t been for decades. The Federal Reserve aggressively rolled back interest rates Tuesday. The fifty basis point (or half percentage point) Fed rate cut is a worrisome development for two reasons: It was the first unscheduled, emergency rate cut since 2008, and it…

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