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Will the Royal Family Really ‘Snub’ Meghan Markle on Her Birthday?

Meghan Markle will celebrate her birthday next week. The tabloids have already begun asking if she’ll be “snubbed” by the royals on her big day. The truth is that Meghan isn’t entitled to any royal recognition. I’m sure the Sussex Squad has long been breathlessly counting down the days, but the rest of you who have a semblance of life may not realize a big date is looming. Meghan Markle is turning 39 next week. That’s right. It’s the Duchess of Difficult’s last birthday before the big 4-0 – and her…

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Why Is Epstein ‘Pimp’ Ghislaine Maxwell Protecting Prince Andrew?

Sources close to Ghislaine Maxwell confirm that she won’t speak on Prince Andrew’s ties to the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. Maxwell was arrested in New Hampshire on Thursday, July 1st. Why is she protecting the embattled royal? Ghislaine Maxwell isn’t talking. Jeffrey Epstein’s closest adviser — who is accused of procuring young girls for him to molest — said she will not testify against Prince Andrew and his role in the so-called “Epstein scandal.” The question is, why is Maxwell protecting the embattled royal? Ghislaine Maxwell Says She Wants A Plea…

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The Media Hounded Prince Andrew After Epstein Doc

Several high-profile figures were associated with Jeffrey Epstein in the Netflix documentary “Filthy Rich.” People like Prince Andrew have come under increased scrutiny. Why has Bill Clinton escaped relatively unscathed? Anyone with a pulse who’s watched the Jeffrey Epstein documentary “Filthy Rich,” is furious. There have been punchless rumors about the U.S. extraditing Prince Andrew. Meanwhile, Bill Clinton continues to skip through shadows unscathed. Jeffrey Epstein ultimately never answered for his despicable crimes. And now some of his highest-profile associates are following in his footsteps. While we don’t know if…

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