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The Last of Us Part II is Being Reviewed – And Sony is Quietly Confident

The gaming press is now in possession of the The Last of Us Part II review copies. The review embargo is set to lift on Friday, June 12. Such a long embargo-to-release gap suggests Sony and Naughty Dog are quietly confident despite massive leaks and successive delays. Ahead of The Last of Us Part II launch on June 19, a lucky few press outlets have received review copies of the highly-anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusives. Journalists have unsurprisingly taken to social media to showcase the very little Sony’s strict embargo allows…

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PS5 vs Xbox Series X Pricing War Will See a Loser Come August

Sony and Microsoft are engaged in a next-gen pricing stand-off. Microsoft is looking to remain agile, while Sony remains tight-lipped as it weathers rumored component shortages and spiking production costs. A known insider reports that we shouldn’t expect to hear about pricing until August at the earliest. According to a known insider, don’t expect to hear about PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X pricing until August. While Sony and Microsoft have treated fans to a more or less steady stream of next-gen nuggets over the past few months, the launch…

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Microsoft & Sony Partnership Puts PlayStation, Xbox Fanboys to Shame

The cloud gaming-focused Sony and Microsoft partnership is only to deepen. Because of this, gamers on both platforms will see a better experience. If only fanboys could take the hint. Last year, Microsoft and Sony announced a partnership that would push cloud gaming forward. Since then, the former’s xCloud streaming service has gone into testing, and the latter has been moving its services over to Microsoft’s Azure technology. The goal is, of course, for both to improve their streaming technology. That way, players on both platforms can enjoy a better…

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Sony’s PS5 Has Never Looked Better After 2019’s Breakthrough Numbers

Sony has released financial results for the fiscal year 2019-2020. The PlayStation 4 continues to sell well, bringing lifetime sales to 110.4 million units. Digital sales have surpassed physical for the first time in PlayStation’s history. The PlayStation 5 is on track to launch for the 2020 holiday season. It’s been a great year for Sony, notably for its Game and Network Services division. A freshly released earnings report for the fiscal year 2019-2020 ending March 31, 2020, points towards one of the Japanese giant’s best years on record. Although…

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Sony’s $100 Million Pandemic Donation is a Gaming Industry Wake-up Call

Sony announces a $100 million global relief fund to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. First, $10 million is being given to the World Health Organization’s pandemic fighting force. In comparison, other gaming companies have offered just thousands of dollars to fight the pandemic. In a press release, Sony announced the Sony Global Relief Fund for COVID-19. This fund offers $100 million for medical teams and first responders fighting the pandemic, children and educators, and those in the creative industry. Sony is first giving $10 million to COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund…

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Xbox Series X Controllers May Be Boring – But They’re Way Better Than the PS5’s

The Xbox Series X will continue using battery-powered controllers. This is an advantage over PlayStation’s rechargeable DualShock 5. Choice wins out in the end. Arguments about whether Microsoft or Sony makes a better controller have raged for nearly two decades. Most gamepad disputes pit Xbox’s asymmetrical analog sticks against PlayStation’s parallel ones. But as the Series X and PS5 prepare to launch this year, battery design suddenly features prominently in the debate. One Business Insider columnist torches Xbox for its decision to ship Series X controllers with disposable batteries. The…

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PS5 Price Will Be Astronomical Based On Hard Sell ‘Reveal’ Event

The PS5 price will be astronomical if Sony is selling it this hard. Wednesday’s PlayStation 5 “reveal event” was a major tease for PS5 gamers. The company pulled out all the stops to build value ahead of the release, using the same sticker shock prevention tactics employed in car sales. Sony live-streamed an event billed as “The Road to PS5” Wednesday. Several media outlets referred to the presentation as a “reveal event” even though it wasn’t. All Sony revealed is just how excellent, and expensive all the technology is that…

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Should You Boycott PS5 & Xbox Series X Over Links to Uyghur Abuse?

A new report from the ASPI links human rights abuses against China’s Uyghur minority to more than 80 global brands. Among them are gaming giants Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. An “exploitative government-led labor transfer scheme” has seen over 80,000 Uyghurs moved to these forced labor factories since 2017. The onus is on gamers to hold them accountable. While gamers fixate on the upcoming release of the PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Xbox Series X, a shocking report has uncovered links between the supply chains of gaming giants and Chinese forced labor…

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The PS5 Could Be Sony’s Last Gaming Console, Ever

The Sony PS5 console could be priced higher than the PS4. An expensive console could spell the death knell of the PlayStation line. Microsoft and others are busy working on delivering console-quality games to smartphones at much lower costs. This is going to be an exciting year for gaming enthusiasts as the console generation is all set for a change with the likes of Sony and Microsoft coming out with their latest hardware. Both companies have already given gamers a good idea about what to expect from the next PlayStation…

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$450 PS5 is Making Sony Nervous – and It’s a Pricing Disaster for Fans

A new report suggests Sony is struggling to keep the manufacturing cost of the PS5 under $450. Sourcing DRAM and NAND flash memory are proving problematic due to competing demand from the mobile-phone industry. Consumers could bear the brunt of this part scarcity if Sony opts to bump up the retail price of the PS5. Sony is having trouble keeping the manufacturing costs of the PlayStation 5 under $450 per unit, according to a new report from Bloomberg. Part Scarcity Bumps PlayStation 5 Production Costs to $450 Per Unit Citing…

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