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Brace Yourself for a Brutal Stock Market Correction

The IMF warns the disconnect in financial markets could lead to a correction in asset prices. The stock market has rallied on optimism about a broad economic reopening. But a resurgence in virus cases and an uneven recovery is causing investors to be more cautious. After the U.S. stock market cratered 34% due to the pandemic in March, stocks have rebounded strongly despite negative news. The disconnect between stock prices and the economy has never been that high. But this disconnect could soon go away. The Stock Market Could Drop…

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Buy These 3 Stocks to Cash in on the Housing Market Recovery

The housing market has been remarkably resilient in 2020. A recovering economy and 0% interest rates should help the housing market hit new heights. A number of stocks will be winners from this strong housing trend. There was always a lingering fear after the Great Recession that the housing market would collapse the next time the economy took a downturn. Well, here we are. And housing has held up rather well despite the volatility in stocks. While housing statistics have been off in the past few months, they look far…

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The U.S. Economy Is at a Crucial Turning Point at the Worst Possible Time

The stock market is starting to indicate that investors are prepping for a second spike in virus cases. Hiring data also show employers may be hitting pause on restaffing. The U.S. economy’s speedy recovery is at risk if another pandemic surge causes renewed lockdowns. It has been three months since the stock market crashed and the pandemic forced the U.S. economy to grind to a near halt. The repercussions of the lockdowns can be felt across all sectors as job losses and pay cuts continue to plague much of the…

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The Housing Market Is Showing Signs of Weakness

Mortgage applications to buy a home fell 3% last week after surging for five straight weeks. There isn’t enough housing supply to meet demand. But demand could drop as young people can’t afford a house. The U.S. housing market is showing signs of weakness. While mortgage rates were at a record low last week, total mortgage applications volume fell by a seasonally adjusted 8.7% from the previous week, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association. After surging for five consecutive weeks, homebuyers’ mortgage demand fell by 3% for the week but…

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A Housing Crisis Is Brewing Because 4.3 Million People Can’t Pay Their Mortgages

Over 4 million individuals have not been able to pay their mortgage payments for 30 days or more. The housing market may see additional selling pressure as pressure on homeowners mount. Renters have also been unable to afford payments, putting additional risks on leasers. A staggering 4.3 million people have been unable to make their mortgage payments, according to research firm Black Knight. This puts additional selling pressure on the U.S. housing market, on top of a potential drop in foreign buyers. Data show that over 8% of all U.S….

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Record-Low Mortgage Rates Won’t Save the Housing Market

The U.S. housing market is bouncing back quickly, fueled by record-low mortgage rates. The housing shortage is worsening, further increasing home prices. Low-income Americans can’t afford a house despite low mortgage rates. The pandemic has hit the U.S. housing market hard. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs and did little shopping because of the lockdowns, including big purchases like a home. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), pending home sales plunged  21.8% in April. That’s the most significant decline in nearly two decades. Homebuyers Are Flocking Back…

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Stock Market Bears Sweat Because This V-Shaped Recovery is No Myth

The U.S. stock market is nearing its record high as retail investors show no signs of pulling back. Stocks bull Edward Yardeni says a V-Shape recovery is in the works. Investors are showing more confidence in stocks as the economy reopens. The U.S. stock market is nearing its all-time high as investors dismiss stark warnings from billionaires.  “Too many people” expect a V-shape recovery, billionaire Sam Zell said last month. He was one of many billionaires who suggested the U.S. economy is permanently damaged from the pandemic. But, stock market…

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The Dow Is Surging – And That’s Awful News for the Housing Market

The Dow rose sharply on Friday after the release of a much better-than-expected jobs report. Rising Treasury yields are pushing mortgage rates higher. Higher mortgage rates could impact housing demand. The Dow Jones jumped by more than 3% Friday, surging past 27,000. Friday’s gains add to the rally that started on March 23. The Dow has soared more than 45% since it hit bottom. The Dow surged Friday on positive jobs data. The index is getting closer to its February peak. | Source: Yahoo Finance Stocks rose after the U.S….

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The Auto-Appocolypse Could Shove the U.S. Economy off a Cliff

Wells Fargo is stepping away from independent car dealers to distance itself from risky loans. The subprime auto loan market is looking increasingly dangerous. Without a speedy post-pandemic recovery, subprime auto loans are in danger of toppling the economy. This week, Wells Fargo confirmed that auto loans could be the catalyst that sends the U.S. economy into a death spiral. The bank announced that it would not be accepting new auto loan applications from most independent dealerships. The news underscored a growing issue bubbling beneath the surface of the U.S….

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The Housing Market’s 9-Year Winning Streak Is Finally Coming to an End

U.S. home prices extended their nine-year winning streak in April, rising 5.4% over previous-year levels. That streak is about to come to an end. CoreLogic analysts predict this key metric of housing market strength will fall 1.3% over the next 12 months. With millions of people likely to remain unemployed for months to come, house prices could remain depressed for years. For nearly a decade, U.S. home prices have clung, unwaveringly, to an upward trajectory. But according to the latest CoreLogic Home Price Index Report, this key gauge of housing…

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