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Wall Street Faces Brutal Stock Market Reckoning with a Joe Biden Victory

Wall Street may sell off stocks in November if Joe Biden gets elected as President. Wells Fargo executive Christopher Harvey said potential changes to the tax code remains a real threat to equities. The number of infections in the U.S. continues to increase, while the relationship with Germany worsens. Wall Street is not fully pricing in the possibility of Joe Biden winning the U.S. presidential election. If Biden gets elected, a Wells Fargo exec warned stocks might see a sell-off. Christopher Harvey, the head of equity strategy at Wells Fargo,…

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Stock Market Bears Sweat Because This V-Shaped Recovery is No Myth

The U.S. stock market is nearing its record high as retail investors show no signs of pulling back. Stocks bull Edward Yardeni says a V-Shape recovery is in the works. Investors are showing more confidence in stocks as the economy reopens. The U.S. stock market is nearing its all-time high as investors dismiss stark warnings from billionaires.  “Too many people” expect a V-shape recovery, billionaire Sam Zell said last month. He was one of many billionaires who suggested the U.S. economy is permanently damaged from the pandemic. But, stock market…

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Huge $591 Billion Cash Pile Adds Sizzle to Stock Market Rally

The U.S. stock market continues to climb despite record-high levels of cash hoarding among institutions. Bank of America reveals hedge funds holdings an eye-popping $591 billion as investors focus on low-risk bonds and cash. When the floodgates open, it may trigger a renewed bull market entering the second half of 2020. The U.S. stock market is climbing despite ongoing riots, geopolitical risks, and uncertainty surrounding the pandemic. JPMorgan’s new data suggests the arsenal of investors is far from running out. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) recorded a 91-point gain…

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IMF’s Fed Reserve Warning Risks Rattling U.S. Stock Market Rally

The U.S. stock market slightly declined as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) released a statement. The IMF hinted policymakers may not be accurately assessing economic data after the pandemic. With a drop in consumer spending, exports, and business productivity, policymakers have lots of data to process. The U.S. stock market is probably not accurately pricing in the consequences of the pandemic. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned assessing economic data is becoming challenging due to disruptions in key statistics. The U.S. stock market slightly declined by 0.58% on May…

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Bizarre Stock Market Rally Leaves Wall Street’s Best Billionaires Dumbfounded

Wall Street billionaires have little intention of re-entering the stock market despite its strong rally. Carl Icahn’s failed $1.5 billion bet on Hertz shows why billionaires are cautious. Big cash-buffer at a time like this is necessary to rescue struggling businesses. Carl Icahn is the latest billionaire to be on the wrong side of the stock market rally as his big bet on Hertz crumbled. U.S. stocks are continuing to climb, and ultra high net-worth investors are not re-entering the market. The U.S. stock market increased by 7.5% since May…

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3 Reasons Why the ‘Greed’ Rally Courts a H2 2020 Stock Market Disaster

The U.S. stock market is surging, but lack of spending and record-high optimism leaves it vulnerable to a correction. Swiss pharma giant Novartis CEO re-emphasized that a vaccine is not likely to be ready in 24 months. A stock market researcher warns there is no money in the equities market. The U.S. stock market is rallying off of positive developments in the testing of a new coronavirus vaccine. Despite rising optimism, dropping consumer spending, warnings from pharmaceutical CEOs, and record-high levels of greed leave stocks vulnerable to a major correction….

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Wall Street Is Engineering Economic Disaster for Profit — Again

Wall Street expects big banks to post big profits on the interest from consumer credit balances soaring at unnerving record highs. According to Federal Reserve data, consumer debt at the 25 biggest banks ballooned to $1.9 trillion last year, fueled by credit cards. Is this the ‘macroprudence’ America was promised after the last financial crisis? Or reckless brinkmanship in the face of a looming recession? The S&P 500 posted another record high Monday. Wall Street is giddy on the sugar rush from the U.S. China trade truce. Analysts expect to…

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